Marie Curie Grant

Relevant information regarding the submission

Below you will find official documents together with templates and writing resources relevant to your MSCA-IF submission.

Please remember that, in order to Submit to this grant, you must Register to the European Council Participants portal.

You are requested by the Technion to submit the Submission Approval form by 28/8/19 (not 28/9/19 as specified in the email), we must have it before the deadline. You can download the form here Download File Download File 

In order to receive proposal examples, we require an email from the Technion host that confirms you are applying through the Technion.

TemplatesOfficial documentsGuides and resources
Download File Download File Part B Document 1 template

Download file Download file Part B Document 2 Template

Download File Download File Outgoing Host support Letter

Download File Download File  Official EC document comprising the Work Programme for the MSCA grants

Download File Download File EU official guide for Applicants.

Download File Download File  Proposal Setup Instructions

Download File Download File Net4Mobilitys Survivors Guide to MSCA-IF 2016

Download File Download File Carreer development plan

Download File Download File Instructions to Register to the EU portal for submission.