Essential information

Administrative Requirements

To submit an eligible application you will need a Host Institution support letter. During the application process we will direct you to the relevant admin contact to generate this letter and provide assistance in correctly building the budget.

General recommendations to approach the Resource section of the proposal can be found in the “Annotated template” and “Timeline, Resources and PI commitment” documents found in the Writing Resources page.

Official Templates

Below you will find word versions of all the templates for each grant type. Please note that some of this templates are relevant to an already closed call but can still be used as reference until the new versions are available.

New: AdG 2020 Templates for upcoming call are up to date

AdG 2020 TemplatesStG/CoG 2020 Templates SyG 2020 TemplatesPOC 2020 Template

ERC Portal for registration and grant submission

www symbol with magnifying glass

ERC Funding and Tenders Portal In order to submit your proposal, you must register yourself in the ERC portal.

Download PDF Download PDF Detailed instructions on how to open a draft submission.

www symbol with magnifying glassAll relevant documents for applying can be found in our website or in the ERC Reference Documents website (all documents in the official website are presented in pdf format)

Official links and Resources

ERC Work Programme 2020

Information for 2020 Call

Official documents with useful information for prospective applicants for the 2020 call.

Information for applicants AdG 2020

Panel Chairs AdG 2020


A website with panel member lists for previous calls. (the panel member list from the call 2 years before your application is most relevant since more than half of these members will remain in the current panel)

ERC Funded Projects ERC Funded Projects
This is an official website listing funded projects and including a short summary each project. The list can be filtered by panel, year and call type (StG, CoG, AdG, etc)